Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Here are just a few benefits of eyelash extensions:

  1. Application is NOT harmful to your natural lashes. When applied properly by a Certified Eyelash Extension Technician, the procedure is very relaxing and safe
  2. Aftercare is very low maintenance ­ make sure to cleanse your lashes daily (the cleaner they are, the longer they will last) and only use oil­free face products
  3. You can swim, shower and workout ­ eyelash extensions are completely waterproof (you will have to wait 24 hours after your application before getting them wet)
  4. Eyelash extensions can replace the need for eye makeup, saving you time while getting ready. However, if you’re a makeup lover (like us!), you are absolutely able to still wear your favourite looks ­ just stay away from eyelash curlers, mascara and gel eyeliners as the use of these products will shorten the lifespan of your extensions
  5. Typically, eyelash extensions can last 4­6 weeks depending on the growth of your natural lashes and proper aftercare. Refills are recommended every 2­3 weeks to ensure your eyelash extensions look full and fresh
  6. Eyelash extensions are wonderful to wear on vacation because they are so durable and can last many weeks
  7. Anyone of any age can have eyelash extensions as long as there is a healthy natural lash to glue the extension onto. Those who have undergone chemotherapy (and their lashes are starting to grow back) are a fine candidates, as well as those with contact lenses and glasses

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